AmemIT offers various types of design services and wordpress based web page development for great prices!

We work with branding and web design, as well as offer administration services for your website or social media accounts. Our goal is to promote your company and offer bundle of solutions so you can save your time and money for full-featured advertising and further development of your company.

The very foundation for the design of your company is the creation of a logo, if your company doesn’t already have a logo, we will help you to create it based on your ideas and examples. After that based on the design of the logo, the rest of the company’s branding will be created. This will shape the overall image of your company and give the first impression to your prospective customers.

When creating the overall image of your company, it’s important for it to be easily noticeable and memorable, so we offer you web design services as well. It will help you to target your desired costumer groups more easily with awesome advertisements and develop the overall image of your social accounts.

We will also ensure that information about you is easy to find for your target audience. We will create a website for you, which will be user-friendly and easy to use. We also offer SEO solutions that optimize search browsers, which will allow your website and social accounts to get better positions on google search and other search browsers.



We offer administration of website and social media accounts.
Entrusting us with maintenance and development of your webpage or social media account, you will be able to see the growth of the customer circle by means of up to date information and planned advertising.