Website, social media account and e-commerce store administration involve work with comments, information, products and commercial materials. By letting us work on the maintenance and development of your website and social accounts, you will see the growth of the client’s database using information that is up to date. In case you do not have social media accounts yet, we also offer the setup. We place the information and promotional materials of your choice in social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tripadvisor, YouTube, Flickr, and many more, as well as on your website and e-commerce store.

Social media administration services - AmemIT

Troubleshooting and upgrading of live websites

Placement of new information

Placing new sections and elements

Updating and improving the quality of photos

Troubleshooting the user interface and layout of the e-commerce store

Placement of new products

Updating information

Placing new categories and elements

Improving the quality of design and images

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other account opening and business information input

Advertising material preparation

The input of received information and regular placement of advertising materials


Search Engine Optimization for your content, reach thousands of visitors!


User friendly website development with custom design elements.


Website, ecommerce store, social media administration with best practices.

Web design

High quality web design, advertisment design for your business.